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Unmanned and infection-free storage

You do not have to leave home to store things at Flexistore

App-controlled mini warehouse means that you can reserve a warehouse, transport things to the warehouse and have a complete overview on your mobile without having to leave the house!

IWe at Flexistore want to contribute and make it easy for you to visit the warehouse when you need it. To prevent further transmission of the virus, it is important that we all follow the authorities' advice to keep a distance from each other and have good hand hygiene.

We make sure that all our departments are regularly disinfected during this period, and in addition you will find antibac for the hands inside the warehouse. Furthermore, all Flexistore's mini warehouses have digital keys installed, ie you can unlock the doors with your mobile! Our warehouses are also self-service and unmanned. You can order and pay for the stall directly in the app or online, without having to physically sign a contract or buy a padlock for the stall.

If you are unsure of what size of warehouse you need, we can organize a remote-controlled tour of the warehouse by phone. You will then be guided through the warehouse while we open the gates and warehouses for you, completely without human contact! 

If you are in quarantine or isolation, we can arrange transport to or from the warehouse without you having to leave home. Our carriers can pick up the things you want to transport to the warehouse if you put everything ready outside the apartment or house, and if you need things from the warehouse, they can help you with the reverse process. By sharing digital keys to the warehouse, they can safely transport and place your things in the warehouse without you leaving your home.

If you need to go to the warehouse yourself, we have available parking right outside the entrance, and with the digital keys on your mobile, it is easy to avoid contact. 

Let's stand together by keeping our distance!

Best regards,

The Flexistore team

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