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Sustainability strategy. Our path to green storage.

In Flexistore we work continuously to find the greenest alternatives, and have a goal of offering the most environmentally friendly and modern self storage solution in Norway.

- 2nd place in mipim 2022 start-up competition (sustainability category)

Vision 2024

Our vision for 2024 is to continue to be the clear choice when it comes to choosing self storage based on environmental friendliness, but also to improve our strategy to have a more holistic approach to sustainability. This means fully integrating our sustainability strategy with our sales and operations strategy, and ensuring that we offer the most climate-friendly solution at all levels of our operation.

This is easier said than done, and we already have many areas we need to improve on in order to call ourselves 'sustainable'. In any profit-based industry, integrating the concept of sustainability is a major challenge, if not contradictory. Nevertheless, we believe that we can help promote a stronger sharing economy, a better overview of the things we do not use as often and therefore can be given away, sold or lent out, in addition to focusing on reusing buildings instead of new buildings.

Our Vision 2024 is to implement a thorough and well-thought-out sustainability strategy that focuses on the environment, the local environment and our company. We use the UN's sustainability goals as framework for our own strategy, where until now we have mainly focused on SDG11, SDG7, SDG13 and SDG12. In our Vision 2024, we hope to prepare our focus on SDG11 and facilitate goals that affect SDG9 and SDG8.

What we are already doing

# We offer electric transport through XFrakt.
# Our storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment LED lightingg which saves power and has motion sensors.
# We encourage sharing economy through simple digital key sharing.
# Inventory list in the app makes it easy to keep track of what you have in the storage unit, and can encourage sharing, reuse and recycling.
# We prioritize online solutions which uses less energy and loads faster for the customer.
# We focus on reuse of construction instead of new construction.
# Our digital locks means the end of unnecessarily expensive padlocks.
# From June we use only recycled steel in the construction of new storage facilites.
# We offer solutions on how you can best utilize your storage space in our blog. Read about recycling here.

What we can do better

# Use only recycled and recycled material in the construction of new storage facilites.
# Only included cooperation with companies that have a developed sustainability strategy.
# Support local organizations and charitable causes.
Reduce wastefrom construction and operation.

In order to be able to say that we prioritize sustainability, one of the most important measures is to admit our greatest potential for improvement. Everyone has the potential for improvement when it comes to environmental conservation, and by highlighting these, they are easier to address. For example, we are now looking for local organizations and charities we can support with free storage. Contact whether you have ideas for appropriate purposes.

Our goals for 2024

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