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Central self storage for businesses

Flexistore have flexible storage for your company. No commitment-period, climate controlled indoor storage keeps your stuff safe. We can arrange transport to and from the storage facility whenever it suits you.

Flexible Self Storage suited for companies and archiving

Are you expanding your business or do you just want more space in the office? We can arrange transport to and from the storage facility, and help you with affordable, flexible and modern storage near you.

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3. We move your items to the storage unit

Book transport from the storage to your office at any time

A tidy workplace leads to better well-being

Do you have archive material, electronics or furniture and equipment that takes up a lot of space in the office? With us, you can safely store this indoors in temperate storage units. Our storage facilities are open 24 hours a day so that you and your company always have access.

The digital key can be easily shared, and all employees can therefore have access. You can order transport straight to the storage facility - as well as back to the office - whenever it suits.

We have monthly- and annual rent, and you can easily increase or decrease the size you want to rent. We are flexible and do not require a commitment period. Our modern storage facilities have video surveillance, climate control and your very own inventory list right in the app.

Clear space for creativity with Norway's smartest business storage.

Transport to and from the office whenever it suits you

If you need a specific folder or chair back to the office, it can be arranged by the hour.

With our transport options, you have the opportunity to order things for the office just when it suits you, and without having to lift a finger.

If your company stores the things you have stored in the inventory list, it is even easier to keep track, and you can select what you need back to the office in no time.

With our transport options, you can ensure that transport is climate-compensated or completely electric!

Price and size of our storage units

‍Unsure how much storage space you need? Use our size calculator in the app or order a non-binding tour of the facility!

Choose your facility and get an overview of all sizes and prices.

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