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Flexistore is a pioneer in self-storage and the European warehousing industry, where the goal is to make self storage even easier for the customer through innovative technology and digitization. We are the first in Norway with fully digital keys and one of two companies that offer this throughout Europe.

In a society where there is a greater need to live with less, Flexistore helps to achieve this in a simple, modern and safe way. We are constantly developing our technology, and will in the future facilitate even better for reuse, recycling and rental of things that are not used as often. We have an ambition to be the 'green alternative' for storage, which through active storage encourages a more sustainable attitude to your assets.

Our vision

Our vision in Flexistore is to help people live easier, and have more space in life for what is absolutely necessary in everyday life.

By making it easier to share keys to storage, by making it completely digital via the app, we encourage more: reuse, recycling, sharing, and donating things you may not need or that others may need more.

The inventory list can help you keep track of what you actually use and do not use. Those you share a key with can also get an overview of what you have stored in the unit.

Our team

Geir Tellefsen


Christian Hanssen

General Manager

Camilla Danielsen

Business Developer

Daniel Andersen

Operations Manager

Martha Sponberg

Project Manager

Roland Hervig


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