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A greener Black Friday offer

How about giving your stuff a new life, instead of buying new?

A greener Black Friday offer

.We are thinking about what happens AFTER you have made some incredible Black Friday purchases. What do you do with the old sofa when you have bought a brand new one? How about reselling it or giving it away to someone who needs it?

We provide a very special Black Friday offer for you who want to give your old things a new life. Order your stall, save what you want to give or sell on, and when you have someone who is interested, you can share keys to your stall right in the app so you do not have to be there when it is picked up. ‍

Use discount code GREENFRIDAY when you order your 3m2 shed in the app, and get a 50% discount in the first month. This shed can hold type 18 large boxes, a sofa and a large closet. So hopefully everything you want to get rid of after the Black Friday purchase!

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