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Winter storage outdoor furniture and garden equipment

Tips for easy and safe winter storage of outdoor furniture and garden equipment

Let your outdoor furniture go into a dry and safe hibernation this autumn, so that they are ready again in the spring - as good as new. Extend the life of both outdoor furniture and garden equipment with mini storage; an easy and affordable solution for you who have little storage space at home.

Norwegians' consumption of goods is unfortunately among the highest in the world, which leads to large environmental impacts. How good are you at taking care of things, and as a result - can you avoid buying new seasonal equipment every year? It is not only the environment that benefits from less material consumption, but also your wallet.

After a wonderful and unusually hot summer, with lots of fun in the garden for both young and old, autumn came quite abruptly for most people. Whether we are ready for it or not, another cold, Norwegian winter is just around the corner. Before the snow subsides and the cold sets in, it is a good idea to put away your garden equipment and store your outdoor furniture. Some types of outdoor furniture may be able to stand unprotected in the garden or on the terrace through the winter, but due to frost and snow, it is still best to find a dry and safe storage space.

Both outdoor furniture and garden equipment are particularly space-consuming. Many of us have little storage space at home - but that does not mean that the solution is to give away or throw away before winter comes, and then buy new when the need is back for spring. Mini warehouse is perfect here - very simple and practical!

Moisture affects the life of outdoor furniture. In many garages and garden sheds, the 100% is not always dry - which provides poor protection for both furniture and equipment. Mini storage is a safe and nice solution to this - at a reasonable price you can store outdoor furniture and garden equipment dry in temperate storage throughout the winter.

Tips for storing outdoor furniture

To be able to enjoy your beloved outdoor furniture every summer, year after year, proper winter storage is incredibly important;

· Allow the outdoor furniture to dry 100% before unpacking. Clean them well and put them in the autumn sun for a while before storing.

· Wash pillows and textiles before packing them in storage boxes or vacuum bags.

If it is necessary to dismantle your outdoor furniture, it is a good idea to collect the corresponding screws in a small plastic bag that you can tape to the furniture.

· Clean, dry and unpack the garden parasol in the corresponding cover.

· Wooden outdoor furniture needs extra attention - wash with mild detergents and warm water, dry well and apply oil or other impregnation before storage.

If you take good care of your garden furniture, they will last longer.

Tips for storing garden equipment

Good storage of garden equipment and tools is just as important;

· Thoroughly clean wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, pots, crates and garden hoses before packing them in storage boxes.

· The lawnmower and similar equipment need good care before storage, you can keep these running for several years if you take good care of them. Drain and remove any debris before storing.

· Light the grill and burn off all leftover food. After cooling, scrape off everything before washing and drying. Disconnect any gas cylinders and store these separately.

· Battery-powered tools and implements can not withstand cold, and should be stored dry and temperate. Preferably remove the battery before unpacking the equipment.

· All tools must be cleaned of soil, dirt, grass and other things, then washed and dried well.

Accessories that require lubrication to prevent rust, such as cutting edges, can be lubricated with grease.

How can you best utilize the space in a mini warehouse?

Smart storage solutions are important, and in mini warehouses it is important to make the best of the space you have;

· Insert the largest and heaviest objects into the storage shed first.

· Set up vertically what can be set up vertically, then you save a lot of floor space.

· Transparent plastic boxes and bags make it easier to have an overview.

· Make a list of what you store, so you know exactly what is written there.

· Leave things you may need over the winter at the front of the shed, so they are easily accessible.

Do you need affordable, fully digital and safe storage in central Oslo - for equipment that has seasonal use?

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