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Winter storage of high-pressure washers and other summer equipment

Many Norwegian households have space-consuming equipment that is only used for part of the year. Yes, such as pressure washers, bicycles, canoes, SUP boards, garden furniture and trampolines. When these things are not being used, they are perhaps the most frustrating since they take up so much space.

Winter storage of high-pressure washers and other equipment in a mini warehouse makes it possible to free up space at home, while at the same time storing things in a safe and clear manner.

Winter storage in mini warehouses is relevant for most people

Some people are lucky enough to have a large storage room, basement or attic where it is possible to store things. But there are also a lot of people who live in tight quarters - perhaps especially in the cities - and then the summer equipment quickly becomes a tripping trap that makes it difficult to get around in the home.

But even with storage options at home, it is not certain that the storage space is optimal. Sheds and cellars are particularly exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations, which can potentially destroy high-pressure washers and other equipment.

If you have an external storage room or a shed, it is also important to remember that the storage space can be extra vulnerable to break-ins. Unfortunately, many people have experienced bicycles or other equipment being stolen because the door or windows were not secured well enough.

This is how you ensure the correct winter storage of high-pressure washers and other equipment

If you are going to clear away your summer equipment for the season, it is important to ensure good and correct storage. High-pressure washers and other electrical equipment can in the worst case be destroyed if the storage is not optimal.

Let's take a closer look at some of the factors you should emphasize winter storage of a high-pressure washer or other summer equipment!

Temperature and humidity

In a storage room, basement or attic, the temperature will often be lower than in the rest of the home due to a lack of heat sources and/or poor insulation. It is also common for the humidity to be higher, which can be due, among other things, to a lack of ventilation. 

These two factors combined can provide a breeding ground for mold and fungus. If you are not careful to ensure that all items are dry and packed in suitable packaging before storage, you may be in for a bit of a surprise when the items are taken out next spring/summer.

Textiles (for example on a trampoline or clothes) can get ugly marks from black fungus, which also does not smell very pleasant. The high humidity and low/fluctuating temperatures can also cause pressure washers and other electrical items to be destroyed.

If you want to ensure good winter storage of high-pressure washers or other things, you should therefore make sure that the storage area has a favorable temperature (heating source) and ventilation.


If you need winter storage of a pressure washer or other valuable items, it is also important to ensure that safety is ensured. For example, you should have some form of burglary protection, whether it is a lock, surveillance camera or alarm.

If you are careless with security, you may end up with someone stealing your things.

Flexistore has mini warehouses that are perfect for winter storage

Through Flexistore, you can easily order a mini warehouse that meets your needs. You can choose between different sizes (Mini, Medium and Mega), depending on how many and space-consuming items you need to store.

Our mini warehouses are app-controlled and modern with digital keys, so that you can quickly and easily access your warehouse whenever you want. You can even share the digital key with others, should you wish to give someone access to the storage.

Our storage solutions are excellent for those of you who need winter storage of high-pressure washers and other summer items. We have advanced monitoring and a secure access system. Own sensors also monitor humidity and temperature at all times.

All our warehouses are tempered, which means that the walls are thermally insulated and that the temperature remains constant all year round. The warehouse is also ventilated, so that the humidity does not become too high. Here you can safely store both high-pressure washers and other things with lowered shoulders!

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