Mini warehouse myths revealed

Flexistore reveals 4 common myths about mini warehouses

1. "Need animals and heavy padlock". 

You do not need it with us! The keyless technology combined with our mobile app, allows you to instantly access your booth with a digital key that can be shared with friends and family at the touch of a button. You order and pay for your warehouse via the Flexistore app, and get easy access to your digital key - thus expensive, heavy and physical padlocks become superfluous. 

2. "Suddenly I have signed a contract for a year".

We at Flexistore want you to stay with us because you need it - not because you are committed to it. We therefore have no lock-in period, you can rent and pay one month at a time if you wish, otherwise we have an option for annual payment with a 15% discount for those who already know they need it. With flexibility and no lock-in period, we develop a customer relationship that means that our customers will always want to use us when needed.

"It says NOK 890 but actually the price is closer to NOK 2000". 

With us, there are no hidden fees apart from insurance of NOK. 89, - which covers all your things with a value of up to 40,000. We are competitive on price and have one of the lowest cubic meter prices in the city of Oslo!

We also have several discount codes you can use. 

Student discount here.
DKK 1 for the first monthly rent at Flexistore Old Oslo here.
25% discount for the first 4 months on monthly rent at Flexistore Økern here.
25% discount for the first 4 months on monthly rent at Flexistore Majorstuen here.

4. "The warehouse becomes a forgotten fee, I continue to pay for forever". 

Fear not! We do not let you forget your warehouse. We contact you with news and mini-warehouse opportunities every month.

We update the technology in the app regularly and keep you updated on news!


On the website you can read more articles and news about the mini warehouse industry or completely different things - as tips on keeping order in life or updates in technology. You can follow on blogs here And news here.

Do you have a wish, an idea for a new blog post, or have questions about our mini warehouses? Contact us today! We want our customers to be part of the exciting development of Norway's most modern mini warehouse!

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