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6 benefits of mini warehouse for business owners

Are you planning to start a new small business next year, or maybe you already have a thriving online store? Do you have little space at home to store all the goods? Then the mini warehouse is without a doubt the perfect solution for you!

The world is constantly changing, and so is the development and establishment of new competitive businesses. On a daily basis, small companies are created that fight for a place on the market - and to stay on top and ensure that your business survives, it pays to be resourceful and take advantage of all the opportunities that can make it easier for you to run a successful business. Here we know that mini warehouses have a huge advantage - as this solution ensures that storage of goods is both easier, safer and not least cheaper.

In recent years, many Norwegians have set up online stores - a type of business that is easier to run, and which can quickly become very lucrative. Mini warehouses for you who have an online store, or other small businesses, create an easier everyday life in many ways - something that is important for busy business owners who have more than enough to do in one day. In today's society, where there has been a greater need to live less, it is the case that many own more but at the same time have fewer stalls and little storage space at home. For business owners, the items that often take up unnecessary space at home - or in the limited rental space you run your business from - are better stored when placed in mini warehouses. And with a warehouse at Flexistore, you have access to your goods at any time!

The benefits of mini warehouses for business owners are many;

1. More space

If you order a warehouse at Flexistore, you avoid your items taking up valuable space at home. Flexistore has storage stalls in different sizes, adapted to your individual needs. And if you suddenly need more space, for example with especially seasonal items, it is easy to increase the size of your store through Flexistor's digital-controlled app. If you are a business owner, whether you have an online store or other businesses, a mini warehouse as a warehouse solution will make your life much easier. 

2. Safe storage

Advanced monitoring ensures that your things are stored in a safe and secure way. Flexistore has a strong focus on security and all our mini warehouses are equipped with video surveillance and alarms.

Flexistore also has climate control, and each shed has its own digital keys that only you - or those you choose to share them with - have access to through the app on your mobile. Our mini warehouses are indoor and temperate - which guarantees that your company's products are well taken care of and will not be damaged by unnecessary moisture or extreme heat or cold. 

3. No lock-in period

We offer flexible solutions for both short- and long-term storage. There is no lock-in period at Flexistore, and you can store things with us for as long as you want, or only from month to month. You can also change the size of the shed as needed, at any time. If your business grows suddenly, or if you have seasonal items that need more space only once a year, it is easy to switch to a larger storage room without a longer lock-in period - and then switch back to a smaller storage room if you need it.

4. Save money

If you rent space in a larger common warehouse, the total cost can easily be high, but if you rent a storage room in a mini warehouse, you avoid many unnecessary extra expenses. At Flexistore, you pay a fixed sum per month, and this is also a significantly cheaper solution in relation to the costs associated with having your own large retail premises. Without a lock-in period, you do not have to sign a long-term contract - but pay from month to month, which is nice when you have an online store and do not quite know what the near future brings. You can cancel your warehouse at any time. Flexistore offers affordable and affordable solutions for mini warehouses.

Get more space for creativity and bombardment of the company when you can store everything in Flexistore Minilager and have an overview in the app!

5. Transport

You can also order transport in the Flexistore app - so that someone can come and pick up your goods and drive them directly to your store at the nearest mini warehouse, without you having to lift a finger! Then you free up space at home in the shed or garage - space you definitely need for other things. You can also share the digital keys with the courier company, which means that new items you have ordered through your company can be delivered directly to your mini warehouse. Very convenient! 

6. Good overview

The inventory list in the Flexistore app makes it easy to have an overview of what you have stored - and this is useful for being able to pre-order more items before you run out completely. Create your personal inventory list using your phone's camera by taking pictures of what you store so that you always know what you have in the shed. The app gives you complete control and an overview of what you have stored in your mini warehouse. 

Now it's Christmas again!

Mini warehouse can be especially nice for you who have an online store that offers Christmas goods - with your own store you can store extra seasonal goods that you have ordered for your company now towards Christmas. And why not save your own Christmas decorations here too? If you already have a warehouse at Flexistore, it is easy to increase its size to accommodate a little more - very beneficial for you who have little space at home.

New Year, New possibilities!

Soon we are entering a new year and we are all excited about what 2022 will bring - both in terms of new opportunities and exciting ideas. Maybe you should start a new business? Whether it is an online store or something completely different - a mini warehouse is always a great solution. It is cheaper than any other storage solution, precisely because you only pay for the space you need. With access to the warehouse 24 hours a day, Flexistore is ingenious for new business owners. You have digital keys on your mobile and can unlock your warehouse at any time of the day - convenient for meeting your company's obligations around the clock, and thus avoid losing sales.

Do you have an online store, or are you planning to start a small business? Flexistore can help you run this business in a simple, convenient way. When you do not have to worry about your goods being stored securely, you can focus more on marketing, business growth and increased sales! At Flexistore, you can store your goods in a safe, dry and central place. Mini warehouse - so much more than just a warehouse! Order your best stock solution here, and watch your business flourish in 2022.

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