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5 signs that you need to clean your house

Living in a tidy, clean and pretty home is probably something most of us see as ideal. At the same time, it is not always easy to keep your home free of clutter and junk - and especially not when you live on a limited area. 

Here are five signs that it is time to clean the house! 

1. You don't have enough storage space

One of the most important reasons why things get messy at home is that you don't have enough storage space. Not everyone can point to spacious sheds, lofts, cellars or other storage solutions. And then things often have to be placed in the middle of the living room.

Even if you live cramped, you might want to own a bicycle, high-pressure washer, canoe, heirlooms and other things. But if items like this are to be stored in the home, it quickly becomes messy!

2. It is difficult to move freely in the home

Another sign that your home is messy is that you struggle to get from A to B without having to overcome a couple of obstacles. Maybe you have to step over a pram and sneak around a tricycle to get to the kitchen?

Having an overcrowded home can be annoying, and often makes everyday life a little more complicated than you had imagined. If you are constantly tripping when you move around the house, it may be time to clean!

3. Cleaning is a chore

It can be challenging to keep the home clean if it is very messy. If you have open surfaces, it is easy to wipe them clean of dust and dirt at regular intervals. If, on the other hand, there is mess and scrap everywhere, the dorm rabbits will quickly gather up.

Vacuuming and floor washing will, for example, be difficult when the floor surfaces are covered by ergometer bikes, footballs, prams, boxes and other things you really don't have room for.

4. You refuse to have people over

Many people dread letting friends, acquaintances or others into the home if it is very messy. If you have reached a point where all social gatherings have to take place elsewhere than at home, it may be time to start cleaning.

It can be experienced as burdensome and embarrassing to have a cluttered home, and the situation can go further beyond privacy than what one is comfortable with.

5. You only use a fraction of your stuff

Do you have a lot of things and pliers just lying there without being used? This is a sign that you can benefit from freeing up some space in your home. 

Many of us probably have a few things that we don't use, but that we don't have the heart to throw away either. It could, for example, be about heirlooms, things the children have made in kindergarten or the like. But fortunately there are storage options outside the home, too!

Store your stuff in a mini warehouse 

Whether you struggle with a lack of storage space or just own a little too much stuff, a mini warehouse can be the rescue. A mini-warehouse can be described as a self-service storage room that you dispose of freely. You can subscribe to storage solutions in various sizes, depending on what you need.

Flexistore offers smart mini warehouses which you can order and manage via a separate app. You get digital keys that give you access to your stall at any time, and it's all very easy! 

You can also choose to share the keys with others, for example if you are going to sell a bicycle on and do not have the opportunity to meet. 

With a mini warehouse, you can store your things in a safe place, while freeing up space at home. Perfect for those who want to keep things tidy at home, but at the same time want to have both a bicycle and other things that take up space!

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