Self storage

Norway's first app-controlled mini warehouse! No fees for padlock or at establishment.

Download the app, choose the right unit size and start your storage journey with the convenience of digital keys.


Make room for what you need without paying too much.


App-controlled self storage allows you quick and easy access.


Advanced surveillance of your belongings.

More space on 1, 2, 3


Download the app and sign up. Use the size calculator, select unit size and location.


Complete your reservation and get instant access to the storage unit with digital keys on your phone.


Store your things in your new modern storage unit! You can order transport directly in the app.

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How does app-controlled self storage work?

In short - it is a storage you control via the Flexistore app that is downloaded to your mobile or tablet. A digital solution that gives you access to a storage unit through digital keys in the Flexistore app.

Via the app, it is super easy to get started with self storage. Make an inventory list using your phone's camera, unlock and share the key with your family or a friend at times that suit you.

We want to make self storage as simple and painless as possible, and have therefore developed a complete solution as an answer to how we live today. In our app you can sign up, order your storage unit, unlock in the same app and start using your storage unit in minutes! You can also order transport to the storage facility.

The app gives you complete control and an overview of what is stored in our unit. Take pictures of what you store so that you know what is in your storage unit at all times.

With us, you get immediate access to the storage unit without having to spend time on contract signing, email exchange, key collection or other time consuming steps.

The app shows you available storage and prices near you and helps you find the right size for your needs. In the app you have an overview of temperature and humidity in real time inside the storage facility. Advanced monitoring ensures that your belongings are stored in a safe and secure manner. We have a strong focus on security and all our facilities are equipped with surveillance and alarm.

Briefly about Flexistore

Mini warehouse Norway

Flexistore is a pioneer in self-storage and the European warehousing industry, where the goal is to make self storage even easier for the customer through innovative technology and digitization. We are the first in Norway with storage with fully digital keys and one of two companies that offer this throughout Europe.

In a society where there is a greater need to live with less, Flexistore helps to achieve this in a simple, modern and safe way. We are constantly developing our technology, and will in the future facilitate even better for reuse, recycling and rental of things that are not used as often. We have an ambition to be the 'green alternative' for storage, which through active storage encourages a more sustainable attitude to your things and possessions.

Everything you need to know about self storage

Mini warehouse Flexistore

Self storage can be the future solution to your problems, whether it is space, equipment sharing or order in life. Here we answer common questions about self storage.

A storage unit is an indoor, dry and safe warehouse you can rent as a private person or company. Mini warehouses come in different sizes and prices, and can cover any purpose. Whether you need long-term storage to create more space at home or short-term storage for moving, mini storage is the solution for you.

You can store almost anything in a mini warehouse, as long as it fits! In our indoor and dry mini warehouses in Oslo, you can store everything except all kinds of food or foul-smelling goods, as well as flammable materials, liquids or gases, explosives, or anything else that can cause damage or cause danger. You can also not store items that are a criminal offense to be in possession of.

It is very easy to order your mini warehouse directly online. You can visit our Web app, choose your size, choose your mini warehouse department and pay. You now have instant access to your mini-store with digital keys in the Flexistore app that you download from the App Store or Google Play. You can also pre-order your storage unit here.

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Endless possibilities with self storage

Our vision in Flexistore is to help people live easier and have more space in life for what is absolutely necessary in everyday life. With self storage available, you can even more easily share equipment with others via digital key to the storage unit, you can quickly place furniture in storage if you want to rent out the apartment while you travel, and you can simply live smaller while you have immediate and 24 / 7 access to things you may need from your storage.

By making key sharing even easier, and completely digitally through the app, we encourage more reuse, recycling and donation of things you may not really need, or things you understand others may need more. The inventory list can help you keep track of what you actually use and do not, and those you share keys with can also get an overview of what you have stored in the shed.

The possibilities for what you can use a mini warehouse for are endless, and in the blog we share some of our ideas with you. Do you have your own ideas or do you want to write a short blog post about the possibilities mini warehouse offers, you can contact us!