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Flexistore and Xfrakt collaborate on green micro-warehousing with integrated delivery

The transport company Xfrakt and the mini warehouse company Flexistore will in future work together to offer a greener warehouse and transport solution. The concept is referred to as micro-warehousing with integrated delivery, and will revolutionize the Norwegian warehouse offering.

On each side, Xfrakt and Flexistore are known as Norway's greenest companies in freight and warehouse, respectively.

The new solution, which according to the plan will be offered from the autumn of 2022, will facilitate bids from Xfrakt to make "pick-and-pack" on behalf of suppliers via Flexistor's new and fully digital warehouses.

A simple but ingenious concept

According to Geir Tellefsen, CEO of Flexistore, an online store operated in, for example, Harstad, can often have the majority of its customers in Oslo or other areas. The store can then rent a micro warehouse from Flexistore which is equipped with shelves and pick-and-pack boxes.

- When an order is executed, it is sent to Flexistore / Xfrakt's order system. An Xfrakt bid runs to the Flexistore department, where the person in question has digital access to the warehouse, registers picking and packs the order with a print that is ready, Tellefsen explains.

The advantage of this is that the Xfrakt bidder can drive the order directly to the end customer, without having to drive to a central warehouse first. The solution facilitates same-day delivery where the customer can receive their order only two hours after ordering.

Environmentally friendly and cost-saving

According to Tellefsen, the new solution with micro-warehousing with integrated delivery could offer both economic and environmental benefits.

- Micro warehousing means that you can store the items closer to where people live. This means fewer individual packages that have to be sent far. It is far more environmentally friendly to send large bulk deliveries rather than individual shipments per kilometer.

Small businesses can also access an efficient warehousing and shipping system without having to invest large sums on their own premises, infrastructure or personnel.

Since the solution allows the Xfrakt bid to make pick-and-pack on behalf of suppliers, one should be able to expect to cut large overhead costs.

According to Benjamin Juell, who is the founder and CEO of Xfrakt AS, outsourcing warehousing and logistics has become very relevant for large companies, but there is no particularly good solution for the small and medium-sized companies today - and especially not in Oslo.

- Companies are forced to move their warehouses out of Oslo, there will be longer distances to drive, greater costs for transport and the delivery time will be longer. With this solution, we cut into many joints. Delivery time will be shorter, costs will go down and emissions will be cut to almost zero, Juell emphasizes.

The service will be offered in Oslo in the first instance

Flexistore wants to be able to offer same-day delivery in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim in the long term. The goal is to be able to offer digital inventory management, access and secure monitoring together with delivery for as many people as possible.

- Micro warehousing with integrated delivery will first be available in Oslo, but we expect to eventually roll out the solution in other major cities in Norway, as well.

About Flexistore and Xfrakt

Flexistore AS has Brødrene Jensen AS, UFI AS, Torungen Invest AS and Pegasi AS as its largest shareholders. The mini warehouse company is constantly expanding into new markets both in and outside Norway, and has, among other things mini warehouse departments both in Stavanger, Bergen and Oslo.

Flexistor's unique and cost-saving concept enables storage in small premises close to users, with a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions.

Xfrakt, for its part, was started in 2017 by Benjamin Juell, and is Norway's only 100 % electric transport service. Xfrakt's main focus is to be innovative and best at service. At the same time, they should have some of the best drivers in the industry.

Xfrakt is currently available in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, but eventually has plans to start up in several major Nordic cities.

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