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Flexistore was strong in MIPIM's sustainability competition

Flexistore has one overriding goal - namely to be the country's most modern and environmentally friendly warehousing solution

We i Flexistore is proud to announce that we took second place in the start-up competition during this year's real estate fair in Cannes, MIPIM, which went off the stack 15. – 18. March 2022. Here we were nominated in the Sustainability category, something we worked hard to earn.

More than 60 newly established companies had applied to participate in the competition, and MIPIM's expert jury then selected the 16 semi-finalists who would compete in either sustainability, data, user experience, or investments. 

Flexistore's Geir Tellefsen next to the winner of the category and judge in the competition.

We got through the eye of the needle, and secured second place in the ranking for environmentally friendly start-ups. But on what background?

Reuse rather than build new

In the mini warehouse industry, it is normal to set up completely new buildings. Here we do things differently by using existing buildings where we install mini warehouses. This means that the impact on the environment is much smaller. 

For example, one avoids the enormous environmental footprint of producing cement, which is far greater than what even international air traffic contributes. This is the main reason why we differentiate ourselves from everyone else. 

Sustainability in line with the UN's development goals

Flexistore has worked purposefully to be a company that meets the UN's development goals in sustainability. This largely means the point above, and that we use recycled materials in our buildings, as well as building kits made of recycled steel.

In addition to this, Flexistore has a green user interface that facilitates our users to live more sustainably. The interface allows for sharing culture, where users can share their assets with others rather than throwing them in the trash.

“Norway's most environmentally friendly warehousing solution”

We at Flexistore have one overall goal - namely to be the country's most modern and environmentally friendly warehousing solution. 

Here are some of the other measures we have introduced, in addition to what has been described above:

  • We promote sharing economy, among other things by giving users digital keys that make it easy to give others access to the warehouse without having to show up physically
  • Users get a good overview of their things through inventory lists, so that they can more easily see what can be lent, sold or donated (rather than thrown away)
  • We offer electric transport with the courier and transport service XFrakt

We do not give up until we become even greener

In order to be able to call ourselves sustainable, it is important that we ensure that the smallest possible climate footprint in all stages of operations, which can be easier said than done. We believe it is important to be aware of our own potential for improvement. 

Flexistore can become an even more sustainable company in the long run, something we will work purposefully to achieve. For example, we want to use only 100 % recycled materials in all products and projects.

Between January 2022 and December 2023, we also want to expand our service with warehouses in several places in the world - including New York and Denmark. In this way, we can contribute to more sustainable warehousing solutions also outside Norway's borders.

It was very rewarding to see that Flexistore placed so strongly in the category of sustainability during MIPIM 2022. And one thing is for sure; we will continue to work to achieve our sustainability goals in the coming time. 

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