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Flexistore raises 40 million

Through a private placement led by Brødrene Jensen and Mont Investor, Norway's most modern mini warehouse raises NOK 40 million

The Nordic region's most modern mini warehouse company, Flexistore, has proven that you can operate mini warehouses both more cost-effectively and with an improved customer journey through digital solutions.

Flexistore, in collaboration with Pareto, has completed a successful share issue of NOK 40 million which will be used to i) accelerate expansion in major Nordic cities, ii) further develop the company's leading digital platform and iii) strengthen the organization. 

Among the new shareholders are Brødrene Jensen, Mont Investor and Pegasi. The Jensen brothers, who invest together with Mont Investor, will be the company's largest shareholder with a total investment of NOK 30 million. The new investors bring with them deep industry knowledge in real estate and solid experience from the development of early-stage companies and will actively contribute to Flexistore achieving its ambitious growth goals. 

Flexistore stands out from all its competitors as they offer a completely different customer journeySays Geir Tellefsen who is the CEO and founder of the company. “From the time you see a google ad until you unlock your own inventory via the app, it can take less than 5 minutes. This, together with the ability to easily share keys with colleagues, friends and family - as well as partner companies such as transport companies significantly increases the usefulnessHe continues. 

With app-controlled mini warehouse, you order a warehouse in the app and get instant access with digital keys.

Flexistore's level of ambition is to expand internationally and emerge as a leading digital service provider to customers' needs to gain effective access to things that there is no room for in their own home. Flexistore will expand through a combination of long leases, flexible contracts and franchises. This will enable a wider footprint faster than the traditional way of expanding in this industry. 

Over the next 2 years, we envisage an expansion of another 10 locations at the same time as we further develop our range of services with a focus on the Flexistore App for iOS and Android.

September 17 published Finansavisen an article on how Flexistore has expanded during the corona crisis.

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