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COVID does not stop the self storage industry

Flexistore plans to open 15 new centers in the Nordic region over the next two years

After completing a successful issue of NOK 40m, led by Brødrene Jensen and Mont Investor, Flexistore is ready to expand faster than any other Nordic mini warehouse company. 

The Nordic region's most modern mini warehouse company, Flexistore, has proven that digital solutions can make mini warehouses more cost-effective with an improved customer journey.

After raising NOK 40m, Flexistore is ready to enter a strong growth mode through new establishments and new products that improve the customer experience. Over the next 12 months, we plan to open 6 new mini warehouses in Greater Oslo. Then there are other urban centers in Norway on the list along with Nordic cities.

Flexistore is now actively looking for farm owners with premises that are suitable for efficient warehouse operations and highlights the possibility of receiving higher rents than normal, by sharing risk in a growing market.

Flexistore's second project at Økern. The ground floor had 85% occupancy after four months.

Flexistore's technology is constantly being further developed, but already today it offers completely new scaling possibilities than what was previously common. Flexistore spends only 6 weeks preparing a whitebox to be fully operational on the platform. This includes installation of storage rooms, electronic locks, camera surveillance and connection to Flexistore's cloud system. 

Flexistore stands out from all its competitors as they offer a completely different customer journeySays Geir Tellefsen who is the CEO and founder of the company. “From the time you see a google ad until you unlock your own inventory via the app, it can take less than 5 minutes. This, together with the ability to easily share keys with colleagues, friends and family - as well as partner companies such as transport companies - increases the benefit significantlyHe continues.

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