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Opens ski-wax machine in Gamle Oslo

This year's ski season is underway - and at Flexistore we call in Christmas with a Christmas present for you at our department Old Oslo

With stable cross-country conditions in Oslomarka, we are introducing the ski shed with a first-class lubrication machine, which will be available to our customers at the Old Oslo department. Customers with stock have been given access to an extra key in the Flexistore app called 'Sports shop', with access to the ski shop from today.

Tips for getting your skis ready for the season: 
  1. Scrape off old mounting grease. If it is sticky under the skis, place the fibrous paper over the glue, heat in with a grease gun and scrape away with a metal scraper. 
  2. Remove remnants of lubrication with ski / fiber paper. 
  3. Wipe off the last residue with fibrous paper. 
  4. On the sliding zone, drip on the slider and then stroke the slider outwards with the grease a couple of times. Do not pull the grease gun back and forth, only one way. Do not remember too hot grease! 
  5. Allow the skis and glider to cool completely. Then slide the skis off in the direction of the skis from the tip and backwards (it must be scraped several times to get rid of everything). 
  6. Use a brush and brush away the remains of the slider. Do this in the direction of the ski from the tip and backwards.
  7. Sand with sandpaper in the attachment zone of the ski (from approx. The heel of the ski boot up to approx. 15/20 cm in front of the tip). If you do not have a lubrication zone, it can be measured in your sports shop. 
  8. The skis are now ready for new fastening lubrication.

Get your skis ready for the season with Flexistore's lubrication tips.

How do I lubricate the skis? Follow the instructions for the slider box:

1. Adjust the lubrication bench to the correct length of the skis

2. Put on the skis and fasten them in the middle

3. Press startbutton on the left side - and they are ready for lubrication!

Get ready for this year's ski season with a first-class lubrication machine!

Wax Vent is a ski lubrication bench, designed to limit the inhalation of polluted air for ski lubricators. The lubrication of skis is performed through an "air wall" so that lubricants are not exposed to as much dust and smoke as with old methods.

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