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What does it mean to live more with less in 2022?

In step with the urbanization of Norwegian cities and towns, there is less and less space to build on. This has led to us having to think new, and that homes are often built in height or on small areas. We will simply have to live in cramped conditions, especially in the big cities.

Living cramped can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here we will take a closer look at which ones, and explain how we at Flexistore facilitate more efficient densification in the cities.

Many benefits of living small

Living in smaller homes has many positive aspects. First and foremost, small homes are considered more climate-friendly, as they generally generate less waste and often require less heating and maintenance.

The high house prices also seem to continue through 2022, and then the price per square meter will have a lot to say for home buyers. By buying small homes, more people can get the opportunity to enter the housing market since small homes often cost less.

For those who rent, it can also be cost-saving to choose small versus large apartments.

What challenges are associated with small homes?

The challenge with living in small homes is often that it is perceived as cramped. In a few square meters, there is of course no room for as much clothing, things and furniture until the rooms are perceived as cluttered or over-furnished.

If, for example, you have bicycles or other space-consuming belongings, it can quickly become difficult to find space. With little space, small homes may be considered a temporary solution for many.

This way you can live well with less space

If you are going to live in a small home, it is usually not nice to surround yourself with too many things since this gives a messy and cramped look.

Fortunately, there are smart solutions that facilitate that living cramped does not have to be as challenging as you might think. Freeing up space makes the home feel more spacious and airy.

Here are some smart tips for you who want to live well on a few square meters!

Review your things: What can be sold or given away?

If you are going to live in a small home, it is often convenient to get rid of things you do not need. Most of us have more clothes than we actually wear, and the same goes for trinkets, electronics and the like.

Therefore, take a look and sort out the things you can live without. These items can then be sold at second-hand markets, given away or delivered to a recycling station. Remember that many of your things can benefit others.

Reuse is also good for the environment, and you can therefore contribute to a less buy-and-throw culture by not throwing your things in the rubbish bin.

Proper use of color and decor can make the rooms "bigger"

If you live in a small home, you can with simple tricks make the home seem bigger than it really is. For example, you may want to make the following interior choices:

  • Bright colors on walls and ceilings
  • Let in as much natural light as possible from windows
  • Consider whether partitions can be removed, so that you get a more open floor plan
  • Make use of storage space in height (eg by having shelves above doors)

Sharing culture is smart

Many items are used only once in a while. We can mention, for example, lawn mowers, high pressure washers, wedding dresses, tools, roof box for the car and the like. Instead of having these things lying around in anticipation of a better day, you can rent them out to others.

Have things in one Flexistore-bod, and unlock the shed from a distance with digital keys when someone wants to rent or borrow your things. Through the Flexistore app, you will find an inventory list, so that you can always have a full overview of what equipment you have in the shed.

You can also borrow things from others, so you do not have to use storage space on items you rarely use. Sharing things is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having everyone own their own.

If you live on a few square meters, sharing can be a smart solution. Then you have access to the things you need when you need them, and you do not have to use up precious square meters of your home.

Store your items in a Flexistore store

Do you have heirlooms, skis, toboggans, prams or other things you want to keep, but which you do not have room for at home in the home? Then you can store the items safely in a Flexistore storage room.

When you need to use your things, you can go to the stall and pick them up. A small storage shed of only 2 m2 can hold as much as 40 large cardboard boxes filled with things. That means you can free up a lot of space at home!

Do you need extra storage space, or want to share your things with others?

Flexistore wants to make it easier for Norwegians to live in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Then key words such as sharing culture and less waste are absolutely central.

By storing the things you do not have room for at home in one of our stalls, you can afford to live on fewer square meters - which in the long run is more sustainable.

You can retrieve the things you need when needed, and can easily share the items with others thanks to the digital keys.

Live well with less space, and take advantage of the smart solutions that exist!

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