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New Year's resolution for a more sustainable 2020

The New Year's resolutions that make a difference

Do not let the New Year's resolutions go to waste in the coming year. Start the new decade by setting yourself some simple but environmentally friendly goals that can benefit you, those around you and nature. 

What is better than starting the new year by cleaning up old scrap, getting more order at home and in addition maybe helping someone else? 

We have tips for some small and achievable goals you can set for 2020 - which can help both you and the environment:

1. Always think twice before buying something new

Whether it's new summer clothes, hiking boots or a mobile phone - ask yourself if it's something you need or if it's just something you fancy. If you find that you actually need it, there are always high chances that you can find it used on websites such as Finn or Tise for a much cheaper money. How to save the environment from harmful pollution during production and take part in an important and growing recycling trend!

2. Source varieties and recycles!

If you are not already sorting your waste, it is high time to start now. And it's not as difficult as many people think it is - start by separating plastic, cardboard and residual waste, then most things go by themselves. It will quickly feel good to be able to contribute to society and a greener everyday life. 

It can also be a cool New Year's resolution to clean up old things, and see how this can also be recycled. Clean the apartment or house and get more space to live in - while you can find a new owner for what you no longer need. We have great tips on exactly how you can sort

Give away or share things you do not use often

We can not say it often enough, but how about giving away or sharing things you do not use every day? When you clean your things in the rotating room, in the shed or in the closet, you can make a decision whether you actually need it. Give away, share or sell what you no longer need or have no room for, and start 2020 with more order in life.

4. Select green to save

If you need temporary storage during the move, a place to store the equipment you share with friends or simply room for things that do not fit in the new apartment, then you have the choice of which storage solution to choose. 

2020 can be the year you try to choose the green option as often as possible, and this can apply even when it comes to stock. Flexistore has a thorough sustainability strategy and works hard to always make the greenest choices. 

5. Take responsibility instead of taking part in the environmental evils

Whether it's eating a little less meat, flying a little less or starting to take more public transport, all small measures help! Although we may be good at recycling, we Norwegians are one of the worst environmentalists when it comes to lifestyle and consumption. If everyone on earth were to live like the average person in Norway, we would need more than 3 globes! 

2020 can therefore be the year we collectively take responsibility for how we live. This means having a more conscious relationship to how much electricity we use, how much we fly and how much meat we eat. We can become more aware of which raw materials and products we buy, and how they may have been transported across oceans and continents. 

An easy way to measure your own consumption is through the website Ducky. Here you can measure your own CO2 footprint, and you can influence others around you by getting the whole job to sign up or challenge other individuals and companies. Together we can make a difference and reduce consumption in one of the world's richest countries. 

Flexistore's New Year's resolutions

In connection with our sustainability strategy Vision 2021, we at Flexistore have also set ourselves some New Year's plans for the coming decade. The 3 biggest and perhaps most important are:

  1. Cut down on our carbon footprint with less international travel
  1. Try to use more recyclable or newfound material in connection with our projects
  1. Put even more focus on sharing economy and continue to encourage our customers to share assets through the digital keys to the booth

Let's make 2020 the year where we as individuals and companies take responsibility for our own consumption and carbon footprint with some simple and thoughtful measures, or New Year's resolutions! 

Read more about Flexistore's sustainability strategy, or visit the blog spring for more tips on how to live greener.

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