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Use mini warehouse to pay for your next vacation

Is your apartment empty when you are on holiday?

Prepare your home for rent using a storage shed.

We travel more and more and most of us want a life full of new experiences and excitement. Visiting different destinations and experiencing what the world has to offer can be both very educational and captivating. It can also be just as expensive. More and more people must find new methods for how to finance new trips when the holiday pay is no longer sufficient. Preferably we all want to travel quite comfortably and preferably we also want a little luxury.

AirBnB is undoubtedly one of those that has had the greatest impact on the tourism industry in the last decade. The rental platform gives people with a little extra space an opportunity to earn a few extra kroner or thousands. The platform gives travelers happy a fantastic opportunity to make money on their own home, while they themselves are traveling. One can thus have the opportunity to finance a couple of extra trips a year.

With the help of AirBnB, among others, the rental market has increased sharply, in addition to the opportunities this provides, it has also increased competition in the market for the landlord. This requires homeowners to take steps to ensure that their home stands out from others. However, not everyone has a home adapted to welcome unknown guests. The home, and then pictures of the home, must give a great first impression. First and foremost, the home must be tidy and clean, but design is also crucial.

Here are 5 simple steps that can help you get your home ready for rent

Focus on the bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the most important for travelers, where again the bed often gets the most attention. The bed (s) should look comfortable, and be inviting and clean. The easiest way to do this is to use white or a light solid color bedding set. Light bedding sets also make the bed look bigger. Think hotel. 

2. Think spa

Make the bathroom an oasis for weary travelers. Simple tricks like decorative candles and matching towel give a great first impression. Feel free to show extra care by adding morning coats, soaps, shampoos and the like to the guests. This will both look good and give a little extra luxury to the traveler.

3. Clean up

Less is more! A nice and tidy apartment gives a much better impression. Put what you do not use as often in storage and make room for what you use daily in drawers and cabinets. A warehouse is perfect intermediate storage for clothes, sports equipment, art, photos, etc. while you are traveling.

4. Personal items should go to your warehouse

A warehouse also gives you a safe storage space for your valuables and personal belongings, such as baby pictures, jewelry, silverware, etc. Any voids on the walls can be replaced with stylish art.

5. Think green!

Plants are very important for both the first impression and the experience the travelers are left with afterwards. Fresh flowers decorate and make the room immediately inviting. If you do not have green fingers or rent out your home for a long time, it is often an advantage to choose plants that can withstand a while without water, such as cacti.

By using a mini warehouse for "clutter" and personal belongings, as well as following the rest of our simple tips above, you can make your home very inviting to other travelers. Maybe you can even make a profit while you are on vacation. 

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