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Student tips when moving away from home

5 tips to best survive your study time from home 

Are you going to move to the big city for studies, to the big foreign country for the whole degree or are you going on an exchange with your studies? 

We have tips on how to make the whole process easier and how to best survive your study time from home!

1. Teach yourself 4 good but cheap recipes. 

‍Are you used to your parents or others buying food for the house and making dinner? Do you notice that it hurts a little in the soul every time you pay at the checkout at the grocery store? Even if you are a student, it does not mean that you have to eat macaroni with ketchup for dinner twice a week, although it can be useful for your wallet.

‍Learn four good and affordable dinner recipes. We write 4 because 3 is too few and 5 is probably too many too overambitious, to be completely honest. These recipes, which can be a tasty vegetarian chilli (sin carne) or a heavy and plate-like moussaka, you can make a little extra of and therefore freeze for a hectic school day with many submission deadlines or bring as lunch the next day. 

2. Look for student discounts at StudentTorget, among others.

‍Once you are a student - and therefore do not have as good advice as those who work full time - you must take advantage of the benefits that come your way. There are many great student discounts out there, and most of them can be found on sites like StudentTorget and Student packages. With Isic the app and The student card You can also access special student offers.

MIf you search well enough, you can often get up to half price on necessities such as public transport, optics, school books, mobile subscriptions, dentist and insurance. This can make a big difference to the tight student budget!    

‍Because we know that students can not necessarily afford paid services such as relocation assistance and storage, we at Flexistore have completely unique offers for students. If you are going to live in student housing, travel abroad or simply do not have space for all your things where you live, you can store this safely and reasonably with our indoor temperate mini warehouse in central Oslo. With our digital keys, you can easily share a storage room with other fellow students if you do not need the entire space yourself.    

Get a part-time job alongside your studies. 

MIf you feel a little gnawing at your wallet every time you shop at the store or buy something you need, even with student discounts, it might be a good idea to get a part-time job alongside your studies. 

‍Although it can be difficult to get relevant work experience before you have finished your education, there are many exciting part-time jobs out there. And if you are to analyze today's employers, all work experience is relevant work experience!

‍The studies often take up a lot of free time, but if you work hard you can have the opportunity to take on a part-time job on the weekends, a couple of evenings a week or a morning here and there. For example, you can find jobs as a waiter, as a street ambassador for an aid organization, as a store employee or maybe you are so lucky and can get an extra job related to your studies. It is worth checking the forum as Career start and Find for opportunities for part-time jobs and summer jobs.    

4. Space when you do not have space

‍Many students move from home and into small dormitories, apartments or student housing. This means smaller bedrooms, common areas and storage space. Very few therefore have space to store everything you own in one and the same apartment if you want to properly move out of the childhood home.

‍Whether you move to the nearest big city, to the other side of the country or abroad, it is often problematic to have space for everything you own and want to bring with you. Here, warehouses come to good aid, and it can usually be a cheaper solution than paying for a larger apartment. 

‍If you are a student in Oslo or going on an exchange from the capital, you can use affordable storage space at Flexistore. At our mini warehouses in Kværnerbyen and at Økern, which is easily accessible by public transport, you can easily and digitally access stalls of all sizes. 

ÅrWhen the student budget is tight, it is good that we are one of the most affordable in Oslo for mini warehouses, and we also give our own discount to students. We have digital keys to the warehouse, which means that you can easily share keys with friends or fellow students, and therefore make the storage space even cheaper. Visit our own website for students

5. Get involved in student organizations

‍When homesickness kicks in, or you want to increase your circle of friends outside the study group, it is a good idea to get involved in student organizations. At most universities, they have everything from student newspapers and interest groups to sports clubs and political groups. 

In addition to being a social platform, involvement in student groups can be good for the CV and future job search. Employers often look for employees who show extra commitment and have experience from teamwork, fundraising and decision-making. 

EvelNevertheless, our best tip is to enjoy yourself! Most people who finish their studies miss the simple and affordable life afterwards, even though it can be very stressful at times.

IWe at Flexistore want to do what we can to reduce this stress, and have therefore launched our student discount on storage space.

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