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Storage sizes: Find the right size for your needs

Why choose a mini warehouse?

The advantages of mini storage

Mini storage is a practical and cost-effective solution for storing assets, whether you are about to move, have limited space at home, or need extra storage space for your business. 

They provide flexibility and security for your assets and are often available in a wide range of sizes and price ranges.

How mini storage can save you time and money

By choosing the right size of mini warehouse, you can save both time and money. 

You only pay for the space you need and avoid spending unnecessary time looking for things in an overcrowded or disorganized warehouse.

How to find the right size of mini stock

Consider your storage needs

To find the right size mini storage, it is important to consider your specific storage needs. 

Think about what you will be storing and how much space each category of possessions will require.

Furniture and household items

If you are going to store furniture and household items, it is important to calculate the space they will take up. Remember that large furniture such as sofas and beds can be dismantled to save space.

Sports equipment and hobby items

Consider how much space you need for sports equipment and hobby items. Some items, such as bicycles and ski equipment, may require more space than others. 

Be sure to include enough space to store all your gear in an organized manner.

Business equipment and archives

If you are going to store business equipment and records, it is important to consider the volume of documents and equipment you have. 

Remember to include enough space to ensure easy access to documents and organization of equipment.

Mini warehouse size guide

To help you find the right size mini stock, you can use this size guide as a reference:

Small mini warehouses (1-5 m²)

Small mini warehouses are ideal for storing a few pieces of furniture, boxes of clothes, sports equipment, and the like. 

They are also great for students who need to store their belongings during the summer holidays.

Medium-sized mini warehouses (6-10 m²)

Medium-sized mini warehouses are well suited for storing the contents of a small apartment or a small office.

They can accommodate several pieces of furniture, household appliances, and a moderate number of boxes.

Large mini warehouses (11-20 m²)

Large mini warehouses can accommodate the contents of an entire house or a larger apartment of around 180 square meters.

They are ideal for families who need to store their belongings during a moving process or for businesses that need extra storage space for equipment and archives.

Extra large mini warehouses (20+ m²)

Extra-large mini warehouses are best suited for larger moving loads (over 180 m2 housing), businesses or for storing particularly large objects.

Do you want more accuracy in relation to how big your home is? Use our size calculator which you will find inside each department.

Tips for maximizing storage space

Correct organization and placement

To get the most out of your mini warehouse, it's important to organize and place your items in a smart way. 

Place the heaviest items at the bottom and stack lighter boxes and items on top. Try to use the height in the warehouse by stacking items as high as possible.

Use of shelves and storage boxes

Shelves and storage boxes can help you organize and maximize the space in your mini warehouse. 

Choose transparent boxes for easy identification of the contents, and label all boxes with an overview of what is inside.


Finding the right size mini storage for your needs is an important part of ensuring a hassle-free storage experience. 

By considering your specific storage needs and using a size guide, you can find a solution that fits both your needs and budget. 

Remember to organize and place your items in a way that maximizes space and provides easy access to your belongings when you need them.

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