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Join the trend: Make Christmas more environmentally friendly

The Christmas season can be very enjoyable, but it also has a downside. Norwegians are at the top of the world when it comes to spending money during the Christmas holiday, and many spend large sums on gifts, food and decorations.

Many have now grown tired of the shopping spree and overconsumption, and perhaps especially because it is not sustainable. Here are some tips for those of you who want a more sustainable Christmas holiday!

First of all: What is meant by sustainability?     

Among other things, sustainability is about using resources in a way that meets our needs, without destroying future generations to do the same.

Based on UN definition of the term, sustainability is built up from four different elements – namely economy, social participation, ecology and culture. When these various pillars meet, it can be said that sustainability has been achieved.

So, how does this relate to the Christmas season? High consumption will also mean increased use of precious natural resources. If you can reduce consumption during the Christmas holiday, you can therefore also contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable society.

How to make Christmas more environmentally friendly?

Most of us have the opportunity to make the Christmas holiday more sustainable with the help of some relatively simple steps.

1. Pass on used clothes and toys

Most of us have a lot of clothes, shoes and toys that are not used. Remember that there are probably some out there who can enjoy these things. Perhaps the children have some skates, wheel sleds or cuddly toys that are ready for a new home?

Feel free to do a joint charity, and find things that can be useful to others. If you have a mini warehouse with an app-based lock, you can easily distribute the gifts to those who really need them. You can unlock from a distance, so that personal attendance is not necessary.

2. Use environmentally friendly Christmas paper

When gifts are to be wrapped, there are many different types of wrapping paper to choose from. If you want to make sustainable choices this Christmas, it may be beneficial to choose a recyclable gift wrap.

To save the amount of paper, we can also advise you to wrap several gifts in the same gift wrap, rather than wrapping them separately. Another tip is to take care of the wrapping paper and reuse it.

3. Give unused gifts from last year to someone else

Many of us receive Christmas presents that are never used. Did you perhaps get a bag or sweater last year that is as good as new? Then you can pass it on to someone else who will be able to benefit from it. This can be a great way to limit consumption.

4. Give experiences as a gift

Another tip for those of you who want a more sustainable Christmas is to give experiences rather than physical things as gifts to those you love. For many, quality time with near and dear ones is worth much more than things.

Examples of experiences you can give away are cinema or theater tickets, a camping trip in the woods and fields or childcare.

5. Make your own Christmas decorations

Many people spend money on Christmas decorations every year, which contributes to high consumption and a buy-and-throw culture. If you are not satisfied with the Christmas decorations you already have, making the Christmas decorations yourself can be a sustainable choice.

Used clothes, sticks, stones, pine cones and the like can be used to make both elves and other Christmas decorations. Only the imagination sets the limits!

8. Give away homemade Christmas cookies

Remember that it is not only Christmas decorations that can be made yourself. Both making and receiving homemade Christmas presents can be very pleasant - and not least, sustainable.

For example, make Christmas cookies or other goodies that can be given away as gifts. This is surely something that will spread joy!

9. Invite some extra guests home for Christmas

A sustainable Christmas is not just about saving natural resources. It is also about making good choices otherwise - for example on a cultural and social level. Consider, for example, the possibility of inviting a few extra guests home on Christmas Eve.

Many people sit alone at Christmas, and will certainly appreciate having the opportunity to celebrate with you and yours.

10. Free up space at home with an environmentally friendly mini warehouse

Many people live on few square metres, which can present challenges when making room for the Christmas tree, gifts and various Christmas decorations. Maybe you have to get rid of a chair or other things? Rather than throwing these things away, we can advise on environmentally friendly storage in mini warehouses.

That way, you can pick up your things when the Christmas holiday is over, and not have to spend money on new things. Feel free to choose an environmentally friendly warehouse, for example with digital keys, warehouses made of recycled materials and energy-saving LED lighting.

At you will find environmentally friendly ones self-storage unit which frees up space for the Christmas celebration!

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