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How to store your things correctly

Most of us have a need to store space-consuming objects in sheds, garages and attics - whether it's garden furniture, electronics or the children's trampoline. However, it is important to be aware that a storage location such as the attic is not equally suitable for all items.

In storage rooms that are traditionally without heating and/or ventilation, large fluctuations in both temperature and humidity can occur during the year. So, what can and cannot be stored in the attic? Or in the garage for that matter?

Here we will take a closer look at how you can best store your things!

What can and cannot be stored cold?

When deciding what can and cannot be stored in the garage, it is necessary to think about the properties of the objects. If objects contain electronic components, these can potentially be damaged by large temperature fluctuations.

Also remember that equipment containing water can expand in the event of frost, and thus be destroyed. This is the reason why many pressure washers are destroyed if they are stored cold. 

A good rule of thumb is that things that can withstand being stored outdoors will often withstand being stored in the garage, attic or other cold places.

This should not stored cold

  • Paint
  • Tubes with glue, silicone or acrylic
  • High pressure washers
  • Electronic tool with battery (e.g. battery drill)
  • Books and documents
  • Clothes and other textiles (e.g. cushions for garden furniture, carpets, teddy bears and the like)
  • Wooden furniture
  • Photographs, albums and old negatives
  • Leather and leather

This can stored cold

  • Car tire
  • Sledge board
  • Bicycles
  • Ski
  • Other items that can withstand temperature changes and moisture

What can happen if you store things too cold and damp?

Objects that are vulnerable to changes in temperature, humidity or air quality will in many cases be damaged or destroyed if they are stored in the garage or in the attic. Fluctuations in temperature can cause cracking or other changes in the material.

Poor ventilation is just as big a problem, as it can cause a damp indoor climate. Moisture and cold combined is a bad combination, as it will provide a breeding ground for mould. 

This is the reason why things stored in the garage, basement or attic often get an unpleasant smell and green, white or black stains. Mold settles particularly well on textiles and paper, and will therefore be able to affect everything from clothes and garden furniture cushions to old photo albums.

Some examples of what can and cannot be stored in the garage

Paint is a typical product that is left in the garage over time, which can cause it to change in quality. If you store pails of paint cold, you will often see that it becomes both tough and grainy, and that it flakes and fades more easily after application.

If you forget to empty a high-pressure washer of water and add antifreeze, there is a high chance that it will be destroyed by the winter cold. According to manufacturers of pressure washers, they often receive inquiries from frustrated consumers who do not understand why the product is broken.

A high-pressure washer must be stored in a frost-proof place if you have not added antifreeze or emptied it. Also note that the battery in battery-powered electronic devices such as tools can be weakened or destroyed by winter cold.

Products such as silicone, acrylic and glue will also lose their properties if they are not stored at a favorable temperature.

How to store things correctly?

If you have a garage, shed, cellar or loft with heating and ventilation, you will be able to reduce the risk of damage as mentioned above occurring. 

However, it can be expensive to install ventilation and/or heating options, which means that many do not prioritize this.

Another – and perhaps easier – option is to store things you are afraid of in a mini warehouse with favorable storage conditions. The mini-storage should have ventilation and maintain an even temperature, which will ensure that things stay just as good for a long time.

Find a mini warehouse for your things for safe storage

Now that you know what can and cannot be stored cold, it is important to make the right preparations before the winter cold sets in. Whether you lack storage space or do not have storage options with favorable storage conditions, a mini warehouse can be the solution.

Flexistore only offers tempered mini warehouses. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your things, even if they are cold sensitive.

Find your mini warehouse today, and look forward to safe storage throughout the winter season!

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