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Warehouse - a globetrotter's best friend

Warehouse - a globetrotter's best friend

Know that your belongings are safely stored while you are on an adventure

The desire to travel and experience the world is very great for many of us. It is rewarding, educational and exciting at the same time. With the continuous globalization, it becomes increasingly easier to travel, and other countries and cultures no longer feel so far away. 

Still, being away from home can be challenging. Maybe you rent out your apartment at home in Norway when you travel, or maybe you do not have a permanent residence here at all? Do you perhaps work abroad or do you often travel for longer periods?

Mini warehouse can be the perfect solution for you who do not have a permanent address or place of residence at home in Norway, but who still have things here that need storage. Store all of your furniture, contents and personal belongings in a warehouse in a snap with Flexistore. 

We have no lock-in period or maximum rental period, so you can rent the shed for as long as you want and need it. In other words, whether you are away for a short or long period of time.

With a warehouse, you can store all the things you do not need when you travel, such as furniture, warm or cold clothes in relation to where you are going, equipment and personal belongings that are highly inconvenient to carry around. When you return to Norway, you can easily pick up either all or just some of your things in the stall.

Temperate indoor storage means that the stalls maintain a stable temperature all year round and you can thus travel from your things for longer periods without a single worry. We have placed sensors inside the warehouse, which allows you to check the temperature and humidity in the warehouse in real time.

Should friends, family or others need your things while you are on the other side of the world, you can easily share the digital keys to your booth through the app, either permanently or for a limited period. 

As everything is app-controlled, you have a full overview of information about the booth, the subscription and the digital keys on your phone, regardless of where in the world you are.

The feeling of knowing that your things are safely stored, and that you can travel anywhere in the world without a worry about belongings or material things is something we at Flexistore want to facilitate!

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