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Save money and the environment with self storage

How to preserve the environment while saving money - sharing, reusing and minimizing with mini storage.

Climate and environmental conservation are topics that have been high on the agenda and news agenda in recent years. We see ever greater and more dangerous consequences of how we live and our resource consumption. 

Fortunately, many have understood the seriousness, and living more environmentally friendly has become increasingly popular. In several places we can find many 'tips' on how you as an individual can reduce your climate footprint through small measures in everyday life.  

Nevertheless, we see that environmental measures can often be expensive, and many people unfortunately think that saving the earth is a lot of work. This is not always true, and with a little creativity and planning you can easily make a positive contribution to both the environment and your wallet. Flexistore has ambitions to make this easier.

Here are 4 things you can do to preserve the environment while saving money:

Buy used rather than new

Vintage and second-hand shops have become very popular in recent years. At Finn, Tise and local vintage shops you can find bags, furniture and clothes in good condition, at a fraction of the price of new goods. Here you can also find leisure equipment such as kayaks, hiking bags and mountain shoes that are often not used more than a few times. By buying used, you contribute to less polluting production than if you had bought new, and therefore save money on being environmentally friendly.

In Flexistore, our goal is to facilitate reuse, recycling and sharing of clothes, equipment and things you no longer use. Through our digitally controlled app, you can easily keep track of what you have in the shed in inventory lists, and you can therefore have an overview of what it is time to give or sell to a new owner.

2. Share equipment with family and acquaintances

The sharing trend has taken over several arenas in Norway. It is not good for either the environment or the wallet to constantly buy new. By sharing equipment with others, you save money and the environment for polluting production and use of natural resources. How about sharing the kayak and tent with your friends? Or the electric bike with the family? This is seasonal equipment that is unused much of the year. Instead, divide the cost of purchase and agreement when it is to be used by each person. 

By storing the equipment in a warehouse from Flexistore, it does not get in the way at home and is easy to pick up on the way to a holiday or a trip to the cabin. Once the warehouse is reserved, you can easily share access to the warehouse with several other users through the Flexistore app, and they thus have easy access to the warehouse through the app on their own phone. In our warehouses we also have access to a lubrication machine in our sports shop, where you can prep the skis ready before going up into the field in the winter.

3. Sell your own stuff

If you are saving for a trip, a gift for yourself or simply want a little extra money in the account, it is a good idea to sell things you yourself no longer use. Whether it's clothes you've got tired of, ski equipment the kids have grown out of or a bargain. Post ads on Finn, Tise or Facebook. Chances are good that these things will be of great benefit to someone else. They save money on buying used, you make money and everyone contributes positively to the environment. The less that is produced, the less we need to throw away. 

If you are in doubt about what to keep, you can place it in a warehouse at Flexistore for a period. If you have not used or thought about those things in a couple of months or weeks, it is a hint that it is time to sell on. The things you choose to resell can also be placed in the warehouse, and with the inventory list in the Flexistore app, you always have an overview of what is in the store there. You can also share access to the stall with the potential buyer. 

4. Stay smaller, be more environmentally friendly

Living in the city can often be a challenge in terms of space. You often have small kitchens, bathrooms and little storage space, if you have access to it at all. However, it is actually more environmentally friendly to live on a smaller area. Less waste, less maintenance and thus a smaller climate footprint. 

If you are struggling to fit your belongings at home, it may be a good idea to store what you use less often in a warehouse at Flexistore. Ski equipment, furniture, backpacks, books, prams, etc .; we have warehouses of all sizes, both for short-term or long-term storage. It is also a good investment to save money on a smaller apartment - in a 2 square meter storage room you can accommodate up to 40 moving boxes. Think how many square it can mean in an apartment!

Do you need a warehouse for a period?

See ours best prices on mini warehouse here or download the Flexistore app in the App Store / Google Play Store to see all prices and available sizes. In the app, you can easily reserve, pay and access your own warehouse. With digital keys, you get immediate access to the warehouse and you can move your things into the shed just when it suits you.

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