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Messy home, messy mind - 5 tips

Clean up the mess with 5 simple tips

If a home does not make sense, do nothing. - Henrietta Ripperger 

You sit in the living room trying to concentrate, but every corner of the room is reminiscent of a place where a small tornado has passed, leaving a chaotic vortex of random things. 

Chaos. Random. Messy. Disorganized. 

Yes it actually affects life! When the first thing we see when we wake up is chaos - it draws our attention away from what is actually important and attaches it to all things that are misplaced and thus drains our energy. 

Many people know what to do, but lack the motivation, inspiration and maybe a little guide to get started. That is why we have set up 5 simple tips for you! 

Make a list and set aside time! 

Should you move, have a winter cleaning or maybe you just need a more experienced cleaning routine, then lists are your closest friend. Write each area or room as a heading and list to-dos below. Once you have this list, it's easy to get started, and maybe you also want to realize who created the problem in the first place? 

Use a specific time each day - it can be as little as 10 minutes. Do not clean outside of this time - and do not feel guilty. The purpose of this is to show you exactly when to start and end. If you want to extend the time, keep going! It is a good idea to start small and expand, instead of starting big and cutting down. It is liberating to know that you are only "allowed" to clean during a certain time window. 

2. Put on your shoes! 

Start by wearing flip-flops, slippers or slippers. What happens in your brain when you put on a pair of shoes? The brain registers that you are going to go, go to work, exercise, go for a walk or out to do something.

Since we have trained our brain to understand that we put on shoes to perform an activity or activity, the body also prepares itself to increase the energy level to do so. This will provide an instant wave of energy to clean, tidy, organize your home. So put on the shoes, it's a good start! 

Focus on one room at a time 

"Should I fold the clothes that are in the laundry room .. Can't stand it now." 

“Should I make a good meal? It's so messy in the kitchen from before, then I have to clean first, I can't stand it! ” 

“Should I invite some friends to visit? Easier to go to them or meet outside, embarrassed to invite here, it's so messy! ” 

The list is long and there are endless examples! Most of the time we spend more time and energy thinking about the mess, than doing anything about it! 

The brain is motivated to do more when we give it small and measurable tasks - preferably an achievement with short-term obligations. In this way, the body, the brain helps to see results and thus motivate you to continue the work in its entirety over a longer period. 

Focus on one room at a time so you keep order while you clean!

In this way, you start the cleaning, washing and organizing window in the room where it is needed most, and it thus feeds the brain and body with performance and motivation to get other rooms done when the greatest weight has already been lifted. Continue to use this "hardest-room-first" mentality to work your way through every room in your home. This will continue to add performance to your "moral bucket" and keep you motivated in the end. 

Tip 1: Finish a room before moving on. 

Tip 2: Close the rooms after they are completed. 

Tip 3: Bring a large garbage bag with you while you clean. 


4. Have fun and reward yourself for a job well done! 

Plan your reward in advance so you have something to look forward to when you finish. Being able to look forward to something will give you positive reinforcement to perform similar tasks in the future. Also create ways to ensure that the clutter does not accumulate again. The more control you have, the more affordable it is until the next time you start the same process, and the less chance there is that you will delay getting it done. 

Listen to music you like, or get someone to join you in the process. If you do have fun, you will enjoy it more and probably move a little faster. 

5. Notice how it affects the rest of your life

Do you feel better? Do you have more energy and profits? Do you feel lighter in general? Realize how important it is to live a mess-free life if you need to feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. It makes it easier to have a productive day when you are not surrounded by clutter. 

Take these five tips, or the steps if you want - then you will feel great. Remember that a clean home, a clean office, a clean car is equivalent to a pure mind.  

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