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Live more with less - use self storage

Tips and tricks to make the most of living less with mini warehouses

Urbanization and urban sprawl are words that describe the time we live in. People, housing and business are centralized, and cities are growing incredibly fast. 

When more people are to live in smaller areas, we will have to live smaller, and do not necessarily have room for everything we own on one and the same property. It can seem cramped and it can feel like a challenge not to have enough space.

Nevertheless, the benefits of living are less numerous. The most obvious is that it is financially beneficial. With housing prices constantly rising in most major cities in the country, the price per square meter is very high for many. One or two square meters can mean a lot for the rental or purchase price of a home. 

Another positive side effect of living less is that you are often more climate-friendly. Smaller living space is synonymous with less maintenance, less waste and thus greater environmentally friendly benefits. 

We at Flexistore facilitate efficient urban densification and have put together some tips and tricks to make the most of living less.  

Make better use of the space

Even if your home is small, the possibilities are endless. Layout, colors and light are key words here. An apartment quickly looks and feels much more spacious if it removes partitions and room divisions. In newer apartments, the kitchen and living room are often connected, which makes the entire common area a large room. 

YsLight is also an important factor. Access to natural light from windows makes the room feel larger, especially with white or light walls and surfaces. One or more colored walls will also give a greater feeling of space, and a quick painting job can make a room feel almost twice as big in just a few days. ‍

Yet 'the greatest sinner' is crowded rooms, according to home stylist Halbjørhus, and perhaps the best solution is therefore to get rid of unnecessary things and furniture. 

Give away or sell things you no longer use

No matter how difficult it may be to get rid of things, it can be one of the better investments you can make. The less space you have to live in, the better it is to have smaller things lying around. 

Take a proper cleanup at home, sort by what you want to sell, give away and what you are unsure if you want to keep. It can be equipment the children have grown out of, kitchen equipment that is no longer in use or clothes you are tired of. 

‍ Most likely, others can be very useful for just your old things. The items you choose to give away or resell can easily be placed in a warehouse at Flexistore until they have been sold. What you are in doubt about whether you should keep, you can also place here. 

A good rule of thumb is that if you have not worn or thought about a garment or thing over the last two months, it's probably time to get rid of it. Keep track of what you have in the shed with the inventory list available in the Flexistore app, where you can add a picture of what you want. Thus, you will always have a full overview of what you have in your booth. 

Store things in storage at Flexistore

Things and belongings take up a lot of space in the home. At the same time, it is not everything we use daily, and much of what actually takes up the most space and collects dust is precisely things and belongings. The smaller your apartment or house is, the more space they take up.

Seasonal equipment such as skis and surfboards are typical examples of this. Skis, backpacks, bicycles, and surfboards are equipment that is often left unused for large parts of the year, and can benefit from being safely stored away. 

By renting a mini warehouse at Flexistore, you can easily move these things to an external storage room. A warehouse of 2 square meters at Flexistore can hold up to 40 large boxes of things. Think how much space it can mean in an apartment! 

Our digital keys in the app are also programmed to easily share access to the shed with others, so that things such as camping or sports equipment can be shared or lent out in no time! ‍

When you move things you do not always use to a mini warehouse, you free up a lot of extra space at home. And when the need for your equipment reappears, it's super easy to go down to your stall to pick up your belongings. 

Live more with less 

Living smaller, and having smaller things around, can be very liberating for many. By getting rid of clutter and useless things around you, you get more order and can more easily focus on the more important things in life. If you travel a lot, want to save money or simply like the feeling of being independent of material possessions, it's time to live a little less and live a little more.

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